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What qualities do you admire in other dancers?
"Musicality, generosity and honesty. I have a profound respect for the dancers who are always in the back row but remain passionate."

What qualities do you dislike?
"I don’t like dancers who do tricks. That doesn’t touch me. I also don’t like dancers who don’t respect those who are older than they."

What is your advice for students wanting to be professional dancers?
"Never forget who you are while doing this magnificent profession. Dancers are artisans; it requires enormous amounts of work. You must be interested in other forms of art to enrich and inspire you. Respect your partners and those who work with you. Stay humble because you know there is always someone who can be better than you!"

- Aurélie Dupont, étoile of the Paris Opéra Ballet. Photo by Francois Darmigny. Snip of interview via Pointe magazine.

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